Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#35: Contact High - Architecture In Helsinki

So this is 2012... Meh. First review of the year comes from not so much a challenge, but a Facebook status that turned into a thing. And we all like things.
I received a comment that this is a very bizarre song for me to like, simply because of the recurring themes of the mystical and magical, which counteracts my logical mind. Interestingly enough, some of the lines represent my mental state at certain points of my life (often multiple points, in fact). So I'm going to break it down for you. And after I'm done dancing, I'm going to rip the song to shreds, and the shreds reveal:
  • my vision is gone and magic's to blame: the first example of the mystical, i.e. magic. Too easy. Next.
  • you'll hold the thunder while I bring the rain: Caution: Gods At Work
  • you've got a strange infatuation with elements in the air: science! Energy! Science! Energy!
  • I'm done dreaming that we can fly: two in one here. Dreaming and flying. Flying is probably the ultimate motif of the mystical.
  • mystical forces are circling me: like vultures?
  • lost in the √¶ther with no one to blame: well, you can't blame anybody but yourself for getting lost ANYwhere.
Why, then, do I like this mystical, magical song? Because it's not all about the (somewhat whiny-sounding) lyrics. I love the electronic experimentation of it all, and I loved the idea that, when they rocked up for Like A Version, Architecture In Helsinki were able to make an acoustic version of it. Mwah. Much love for acoustic versions. At any rate, I enjoy it simply because of that. Not much else. But, again, that's my tiny little logically-hardwired brain speaking, and I'd be inclined to say it's a ridiculously good song if I was a little more of an artsie. Or, less of a logician. Credit where credit's due, the video is also kinda fun. I wish I could be that guy. I'd be loving it.